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Kaspar Kannelmäe joonistab iPad Pro peal pilti

Kunstnik Kaspar Kannelmäe kasutas Geeniuse palvel iPad Pro-d, proovis sellel tööd teha ja jagas meiega muljeid.

First test with iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, and Procreate.

This isn't a special character in particular. After a little messing around with Procreate, this was my first attempt trying to really sketch and paint something with it ...

The Waking Heart installation

A public drawing machine that you can control with your emotions... To accompany the release of ABC's new animated series for grown ups entitled The Gradual ...

Siri's Sybil and also iMovie Really Really Sucks.

A recent iOS update provided many new voices and accents to Siri, iOS's voice-controlled digital assistant. This clip shows four of them. It also shows the horrible ...

Drawing Devices

This is a video of drawing machines created by Kirk LeClaire's Drawing II class Spring 2012 edited by Chris Gallegos.

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