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Digital Harmonograph 3

開発者 Sarclus
0.99 usd

It is the version 3 of the first app on the store that shown the beauty of this amazing tool in 3D, now completely renewed. The revival brings the new Material Design, graphics much more organized, and the ability to set the animated figures for Live Wallpaper and Daydream. But what has improved the most is the drawing mode: 5 types of color curves and color maps used as background gradients.The harmonograph is a tool used to create stunning images thanks to the harmonic movement of three or more pendulums. Two pendulums, X and Y, are attached to a pen that moves on the floor. A rotating pendulum is fixed to the floor which moves under the pen tip. This configuration, once started the oscillation of pendulums, with different physical parameters, it allows you to draw beautiful pictures. The three-dimensional harmonograph, is composed of these three pendulums and by another swinging pendulum on the Z axis. Then the pen does not move more simply on the floor, but in a virtual cube. The figures created with a three-dimensional harmonograph are difficult to draw physically, but they can be better represented through a software. Canceling the pendulum on the Z axis can regain the figures created by a two-dimensional harmonograph.
GRADIENT COLORYou can build a gradient color of the curve and choose the distribution policy of the gradient between the following:- On the line that composes the curve;- On the ideal sphere that contains the curve;- On the X axis;- On axis Y;- On axis Z.
* A brief other policies will be applied.
GRADIENT BACKGROUNDA true color map can be defined, you can put any color in any position of the background, which is why it is highly customizable.
ANIMATION- Autorotation, with control for speed;- Drawing and dismantling of the curve in real time.
* Will be available soon also other types of animation.
TEMPLATESMany templates are available, a good starting point to create your harmonic shapes and many other will be added.
ENERGY SAVING:The Wallpaper and Daydream guarantee an excellent rendering of the figures, but i have also worked a lot on energy saving. No thread runs in background and manual control of frames per second is possible, set by default to an optimal value for most devices.